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Secure, high quality face to face live video conferencing, streaming, and broadcasting on any device. HeyJinni Meet comes with tons of premium features for free. Start your conference or meeting right now and enjoy HeyJinni Meet

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J​ust create an account and start a meeting, Send your meeting link to the attendee. You can record the whole meeting and download on your machine ​for free unlike our competitors who offer much less for a premium!


If you do not have an account, please create one to invite visitors to watch your broadcast or join a live conference with you


If you are a visitor you do not need to create an account. Just paste the link your host sent you in the browser to start watching their live broadcast or to join conference. If you don’t have a broadcast or conference link, please contact your host

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Join for free and stream for free. Just sign up and go!

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Schedule meetings for free and invite unlimited attendees by sharing a link


Record your meeting and download to your computer for free


Customise like an admin. Your meet, your customisations

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